Western Inline Hockey League



Coaches and Managers,

As we get set to start the new  season due to the recent changes in personnel and management at our local rinks, we are taking this opportunity to bring the event facilitation in house and each individual event will be operated by the rink where it is located.  We will continue to put forth a tournament series that will be fun, fair and serve the hockey community to the best of our abilities.

The new league will be called WESTERN INLINE HOCKEY LEAGUE and will function very similarly to what you are all used to.  There are a few changes though, and we will highlight the format and basic function below.   Please keep in mind we are still making some fine tuning on all the rules and procedures so additional information will be forthcoming.

Tournament Info

Tournament Format


Games will remain two 15 minute periods.  Each team will be guaranteed 3 games for each event.  Winners will receive medals.

Registration Process


Registration deadline will remain on Friday at noon, the week prior to the event.  Online registration will be available for events at Irvine, Huntington Beach and Corona via the rink website.  Registration for the pre-season qualifier and the West Covina events will be done via email/registration form.  All teams will be required to complete this registration process online to be confirmed for the event.  Teams that need to pay at the event can still do so; the option to input a credit card to “hold” the registration will be available.  Cards will not be charged unless the team does not show up and/or pay at the event.   

All teams will be required to submit a roster upon registration.  Players will still need to complete a waiver (exact details and process still being determined)  and all players and coaches will be required to have current AAU membership. Registration fees will be $550 per event (with the exception of the pre season event and WIHL Finals).


A level teams need 5 events, AA level teams need 3 events and AAA teams will have open qualification.  Individual player qualifications will remain as well.